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what Buteyko can do for you

Buteyko breathing therapy provides rapid and significant improvement for people with asthma and other breathing-related conditions.

Many people with breathing-related conditions overbreathe which aggravates   their condition by making their airways hypersensitive, by reducing the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues and distorting their body chemistry.

Buteyko will normalise your breathing pattern and as a result will help you to:
Breathe normally
Use your diaphragm correctly
Reduce upper chest breathing
Breathe through your nose
Stop coughing
Stop wheezing and relieve chest tightness
Reduce neck and shoulder pain
Sleep better
Snore less
Decrease medication
Stop feelings of panic and anxiety
Improve your quality of life
Cope with stress better
Reduce allergic reactions
Correct your body chemistry
Reduce time off work